Work Experiences

JUST Capital

JUST Capital is a non-profit organization that envisions an economy that works for all Americans, helping corporations and companies improve how they serve stakeholders. JUST Capital measures and ranks companies on issues most pertinent to Americans.

I had the wonderful opportunity to intern at JUST Capital in the Spring of 2022.

I worked as a Research Intern in the Communities team. As a Research Intern, I was responsible for collecting data on over 1000 companies and determining if companies were furthering the development of the American workforce. 

The data I collected was used in JUST Capital's rankings and its Corporate Racial Equity Tracker.

I additionally learned how to use SQL and analyzed data, creating charts, and presentations using Google Sheets and Slides.

Arcus Foundation

Arcus Foundation is a philanthropic organization committed to conservation rights and human rights globally.

During the Spring of 2023, I interned with Arcus Foundation's Social Justice team as a Student Intern.

As a student intern, I help obtain data/information across external online sources and reports & internal sources using Fluxx, validating the relevance and reliability of the information obtained. 

I also summarized findings in relation to specific focus areas, creating written summaries and visual descriptive summaries of data using Excel.

chica project

chica project is a non-profit organization based in Boston, MA that seeks to "close the opportunity divide that leaves young Women of Color behind". 

I joined chica project's Data (Evaluation) team as a Data Intern during the Fall of 2022.

As a Data intern, I managed the team's data and operations, helping create new processes. Additionally, I've fostered internal organization-wide collaboration, managing several projects and their subsequent deliverables.

I have joined the team as a Data Evaluation Associate, continuing the team's data management and fostering collaboration. In my role, I also help create and support structures for data learning, creating evaluation methods and analyses.